Male teacher with students

Our Stories

“I’ve worked for Bright Horizons for 3 years and have experienced different roles during this time. My most exciting role is being a Nursery Assistant, teaching the children something new every single day.

Imagine going home at night knowing you have taught a child something they will share with their mummies and daddies that evening and remember forever. That’s something very special.

We are not just nursery carers, we are part of a child's early years life journey.”
Charlene, Nursery Assistant
“I chose childcare 4 years ago, and I’m glad I grabbed the opportunities which came my way, as I am a valued, male role model in the lives of the children who I care for each day.

I teach the children something new every day and ensure they all go home happy and safe. I would like more male practitioners to follow in my footsteps and take this career path."
Ryan, Nursery Nurse
“Have you ever worked for a company you’re proud to say you work for? I’ve always felt proud to say I work for Bright Horizons, because of how amazing the team is, the partnerships we have with our parents and the magical way in which our Practitioners deliver their teaching to our children.

Bright Horizons support their employees every step of the way, to ensure they are growing and excelling in their own personal development. The HEART principles are extremely important to every single member of staff, – we respect each other, always work honestly, and deliver excellence in our everyday journey at Bright Horizons.”
Kathryn, Deputy Manager
"I have worked for Bright Horizons for 13 years as a Chef with the lovely nurseries, ensuring the children have a wonderful variety of different tastes and foods every day.

The team which I have worked alongside are very passionate about caring for the children.

I am very happy to work here, and you would be too."
Evi, Nursery Chef