Artsy Thursday with
Bright Horizons
Let's Get Creative
Bright Horizons is proud to sponsor Artsy Thursday as we celebrate NAEYC’s Week of the Young Child®. Our centers are joining the fun to host hands-on activities for children and their families – smocks on, let’s get creative!

Interested in attending an in-person event to celebrate Artsy Thursday?

Resources For You

During the Week of the Young Child®, we’re celebrating our connection with NAEYC. We know children benefit from quality early education and are happy to share resources that can unleash young artists’ creativity in classrooms and homes across the country!

Professional development training

The Week of the Young Child section of our Early Education training hub provides curated resources to bring into your classroom…for free!

Process art for children

Process art for children is open-ended, experiential, self-motivated, and unique. Focusing on the “doing” (rather than the outcome) builds creativity, a key element in critical thinking, innovation, and problem-solving.

10 must-haves for your
art cart

So many different art techniques, so many tools! What do you really need? We’ve narrowed it down to the top ten supplies you’ll want to have on-hand.

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