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Student Placement

Look to us whether you need to complete a few hours of classroom observations for a college class, seek a full-time internship in a corporate office, and anything in between (looking for a center to complete a practicum or student teaching – we can help with that too)! Sign up for more information on how you can gain valuable experience and jumpstart your career with us!

Why Work at Bright Horizons

"Since beginning my internship, I have enjoyed the collaborative and welcoming work environment the most. Everyone I have met has been eager to help me make the most of my internship experience, which has allowed me to grow professionally. I have been able to get experience with content creation and gain insight into the marketing operations of a large company."
Summer 2023 Intern
"As an intern, my job was framed around assisting the lead teachers in my classroom. The lessons I have learned during my eight weeks at Bright Horizons have inspired me to finish my bachelor's degree and use all my new skills for student teaching next semester. I hope to continue to work with Bright Horizons in the future!"
Child Care Intern 2023