Horizons Teacher
Degree Program

Why Do We Pay 100% of our Teachers Early Childhood Degrees?

Because we believe the lives you change should include your own!

Educators change lives every day. And the Horizons Teacher Degree Program – free college for those who work in our centers – is changing the lives of educators, too.

The Horizons Teacher Degree program allows all Bright Horizons center staff to go to college completely free. We pay for everything – tuition, books, fees...all of it.

Full-time educators are eligible for Early Childhood Education (ECE) degrees; part-time educators can earn a CDA. Choose from one of our Horizons Partner Schools; we'll also provide the success coaches to get you to the finish line. 

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What else do you
need to know?

The Horizons CDA & Teacher Degree Program enables our teachers and center staff to pursue their CDA credential and/or College degree in Early Childhood Education completely free. 

Q: Is the Horizons CDA & Teacher Degree Program really free?
A: Yes! Bright Horizons covers tuition, books, fees-all of it. Horizons Partner Schools bill Bright Horizons directly, so there are no upfront payments for you. Bright Horizons also covers all fees associated with earning the CDA credential including coursework and visit fees.

Q: What degrees are included?
A: We pay for both AA and BA ECE degrees at your choice of one of our Horizons Partner Schools. Additionally, the Bright Horizons CDA credential matriculates into college credits at our Horizons partner schools. 

Q: Who is eligible?
A: All full-time center-based employees at US centers and schools are eligible. Part-time staff can earn their CDA. Employees must be active (not on a leave of absence) and in good standing (not on a performance plan) at the time of their application. 

Q: Are there any prerequisites?
A: Employees seeking a degree must have prior ECE credits and/or already earned their CDA credits as well as complete a one-on-one coaching session with a success coach to enter into one of our degree programs. For those seeking to earn their CDA, educators can begin by submitting an application after meeting with their Center Director. For entrance in California or New York, you must have a CDA and/or former employment in a childcare center. 

Q: When can I start?
A: All center staff are eligible from day one of employment.

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