Teaching at Bright Horizons

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At Bright Horizons, We Do What
​​​​​​​Is Best for Children- It Is as Simple as That!

And what’s best for children is usually what’s best for teachers too. We believe that children and teachers need and deserve:
A focus on nurturing and responsive relationships. Children and adults need to feel safe, valued and heard each and every day.
Classroom communities that are playful, joyful, and inclusive. Every teacher, every child, and every family should feel a sense of belonging. 
Proven instructional methods. We give teachers science-backed teaching practices to make them the most effective educators they can be. 
Classrooms that are organized, beautiful, and peaceful. Materials change frequently and reflect the children and teachers in each classroom. 

What Does This Mean for Teachers?

The elements above make the four foundations of Discovery Driven Learning ®, our proprietary teaching and learning framework. Discovery Driven Learning puts the child first, ensuring their sense of wonder, natural curiosity, rich imaginations, and drive to discover are at the heart of all we do. 
  • A curriculum that is rich and engaging, yet flexible. You won’t find theme-based, canned curriculum here, but experiences that are truly meaningful. 
  • A focus on playful discovery and exploration. Teachers spend their days actively playing, exploring, and learning right along with children. 
  • Robust training and support. Whether you’re new to teaching or an experienced veteran, we offer the resources you need for a satisfying teaching experience. 
  • A cohesive planning and assessment approach that streamlines lesson planning, assessments, documentation, and portfolio development. 
  • Autonomy and flexibility within the classroom. We encourage teachers to offer experiences and materials based on the needs of the children in their classroom today.

Resources for Teachers

Instructional Method/Training Planning and Assessment
We know that planning and assessment can be a pain point for teachers. That’s why we offer our proprietary Meaningful Assessment and Planning Process. This simple, concrete, easy-to-learn process lets teachers spend more time doing what they love – teaching and playing with children – and less time filling out lengthy forms. 
Professional Development
At Bright Horizons, we understand that teachers are learners too! We offer robust professional development opportunities including our quarterly magazine Spark, written just for Bright Horizons teachers; hundreds of online webinars and trainings, as well as in-person trainings; and even tuition-free associate and bachelor degrees! Plus, we support Spanish as a first language speakers through our orientation program and CDA.